• Concussion Release Therapy

    Mia Lockhart is a Concussion Release Specialist using the therapeutic techniques of Matrix Repatterning and Neurofascial Release. This gentle yet effective manual therapy using biocompatible magnets to enhance effects, has shown significant and measurable results in the reduction in post-concussion symptoms and also any impact-related body pain within 3-8 treatments.


    Clinic location is in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada. Acute care and mobile options available for local concussion patients as well as immersive 5-10 day treatment programs for "out-of-area" patients. More details at our clinic website: www.hightidewellness.ca

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    Mia Lockhart


    Mia is a Certified Matrix Repatterning®️ Practitioner, Certified RAPID™ Neurofascial Reset Specialist and Registered Massage Therapist. I am a Matrix Release Specialist in Concussion, Headache, Migraine, Vertigo, Tinnitus and all Head & Neck Pain Release.

    In my 20+ years of practice, I’ve been known for strong hands, deep knowledge and a keen intuitive sense resulting in effective treatments and lasting results. Matrix Repatterning® has been able to demonstrate measurable success in the treatment of certain structural and functional disorders, such as: Concussion, Back Pain, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, Hip Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Headaches, TMJ Disorder, Pelvic Disorders, Incontinence Snoring and Sleep Apnea.

    More info at MatrixRepatterning.com

  • Current Treatment Offerings

    Your journey to healing, and renewal can start here.

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    8-Day Immersive Concussion Treatment Program in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

    It's time to get your life back! An intensive 8-day treatment series specifically tailored for individuals who are at least 1 month past their original concussion and still facing post-concussion symptoms. Program includes 25 treatment sessions of Matrix Repatterning, PEMF, CCT, Red Light Therapy & Individualized Programming booked over the course of 8 days in-person in Wolfville. Accommodations not included.

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    In-Person Matrix Repatterning Treatments

    Wolfville, Nova Scotia Clinic. Matrix Repatterning is a form of manual (hands-on) therapy similar to osteopathy. Extremely effective for pain, concussions, impact injuries and structural imbalances.

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    Online Appointment: Matrix Concussion Release Sessions

    This is a video connected distance healing Concussion/Pain Release treatment using Matrix Release Techniques. Online Global Access, follow up testing with Cognitive Brain Testing and Results Focused Treatment Plans.

  • Testimonials

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    Anne ~ Concussion Treatments

    “When I first started seeing Mia, I had been dealing with concussion symptoms for 3 months. At the time, I could work for about 4 hrs a day, then I’d get a headache. I couldn’t drive, bike, or walk on noisy streets - that made me dizzy and nauseous. Conversations with more than 2 or 3 people made my head spin. I hadn’t even tried watching a movie or reading a book for fun.

    After my first session with Mia, I was suddenly able to drive and bike. Before the treatment, I would get dizzy within minutes and had to stop. Two days after the treatment, I drove 20 minutes to visit a friend!

    After my second treatment, I was suddenly able to work for 7 hours instead of only 4. My partner literally came into my home office at 5pm, very concerned, asking: You’ve been working for a full day. Shouldn’t you stop now? I hadn’t even noticed.
    I have since combined Mia’s treatment with other treatments and supports, and her insights helped me pass information on to my other practitioners. Now I consider myself fully recovered.

    The sessions with Mia were incredibly relaxing. I was so comfy and relaxed that I fell asleep. I was surprised that this didn’t feel like a Massage - it felt more like very light, gently touch. I actually fell asleep during treatment.”
    ~ Anne S.

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    Andrew ~ Concussion Treatments

    I am 42 years old, and I’ve been dealing with concussion issues for about 7 years at this stage. I hit the back of my head playing hockey and never really quite got over that, and uh, then I’ve had some repeated hits through the last few years. It would set me back for a few weeks, but then I would come back.

    M. What are the main concussion symptoms you were dealing with?
    A: Well, headaches would be number one, umm, sound would be there as well, headaches, sound, visual stimulus was a problem, driving was a problem..

    M: It would give you a headache?

    A: Yeah, like I got to the point where I could drive for ten minutes to work, but if I was going to the city I didn’t drive, right. I had whiplash too, so my neck was always very sore as well. Visual things is what set it off, computer, tv, or anything where there was fast moving things. I’ve done eye therapy as well right, so tracking, all that sort of stuff was jumbled up.
    *listen to the full interview 🔊

    t I have gone 3 weeks or so, without an appointment, and I just know it has made a significant difference.

    M: And if you were talking to someone that had severe concussion symptoms right now, what would you tell them?

    A: I would tell them to come see you! That would be the first thing I would do.

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    Tanya ~ Distance Matrix Release Sessions

    I could have sworn I was in your office with your hands on my head, very unreal. Felt a lot of sensations and releases throughout my body.

    I also felt lighter in my tummy, and like beams of light and energy going down my legs.

    It was very healing.

  • Concussion Release Treatment Review for an Athlete who has had many Concussions.


    Here’s a new Concussion Release Treatment testimonial from Bam @Goata+Plus for some treatments I did with him. In this in-depth review of his Matrix Repatterning treatments with me, Bam, a very body conscious movement coach who has suffered multiple concussions, he was very aware of the effects matrix release had on his entire system and he describes them so articulately. As you can see from his experience, concussion symptoms linger and there are not a lot of options for complete healing. I’m excited and so thankful to be able to do this work and offer some gentle release techniques that have lasting effects.

  • Research Articles

    I have recently been given a grant from the National Research Council 🇨🇦 to research, study, test and develop a standardized Concussion Release Protocol using Matrix Repatterning techniques and deepening our understanding of piezoelectric current and its treatment opportunities for concussion and impact injury release. This is what we're learning.

    The idea of using shockwaves in a medical context was first introduced in the 1970s with the goal...
    December 31, 2021
    Cambridge Brain Sciences (CBS) is another emerging computerized cognitive assessment tool. It was...
    December 7, 2021
    What is it? It is a form of manual therapy that involves the manipulation of soft tissues, in...
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